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Amews Development

Amews Development

After less than a month, the new website for Amews Software Development is done.

I realized that my other projects (including Amews Tech) used too much of my time, and decided to only have this single project for software development. This means that I can now focus 100% on the software development, and hopefully provide better and more maintained applications.

I will try to focus as much as possible on user opinions and requests to make everyone happy. At the moment you’ll only find the Fingerfox (SE) project on the products page, but I am working on other applications as well. I hope you will follow the development, and eventually give your opinions on it.

A new bugtracking system has been made, so it is now much easier to track the status of bugfixes. And of course you’ll still find a forum which is however totally rewritten for a better performance. Here you can ask for help if you need it. Notice that posts from the old Fingerfox (SE) forum has been transfered in the username “old_system” since I cannot use the old user system anymore (the new site here is based on WordPress).

The download system has also been improved, since I can now create unstable releases for you to test.

You can get in direct contact with me and other Amews Software users in the chatroom on the support page. I hope to see you there.

PS: I might from time to time write recommendations for other software that I find useful.

Once again: Welcome.

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    Welcome to Amews Software Development


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