New product: My Bing History

My Bing History

My Bing History

I am happy to announce that I have just released a new product.
I have considered switching to the Bing search engine for quite some time, but I wanted a feature to save the search history.
The Bing search engine by Microsoft has a so-called “Save & Share” feature, to log all your searches. However it does not work very well yet.
– On all my machines (except for one Windows XP in a Virtual Machine), the save to skydrive feature simply does not work.
– You have to manually tell it to save each search in the history.

Therefore, I decided to create my own firefox plugin, to log all searches. The product is called My Bing History, and saves all your search history automatically, including the links you click in search results. Then at any time you can with a single press on a button, view all your previous search history. Here you can of course filter the history by web, image, video, shopping or news searches.

My Bing Search History

My Bing Search History

This plugin is very useful when you know that a few months ago, you found something helpful, but you do not remember where it was. You look it up in the search history, and the problem is solved.
It is a very simple and easy to use plugin. Of course it respects Private Browsing, meaning that it does not save history when in “Private browsing” mode.

The plugin is currently in beta, but seems to work very well. Although a few features are still to come:
– Import/Export
– Synchronization of search history on multiple computers.

So if you use the Bing search engine, I would recommend this addon. You never know when you need to look up something in the history.

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5 Responses to “New product: My Bing History”

    Cathy Vega

    2009-12-08 11:51 AM
    Comment #1542

    i am using both Bing and Google and i think both search engines give relevant search results. i would still prefer Google though, because it gives a little bit more relevant search results than Bing.



    2010-01-10 02:45 AM
    Comment #1984

    i am a user of Microsofts BING search engine and it is as good as google for static webpage search. for searching blogs, i think google gives more relevant search results compared bing.


    Headboard Light 

    2010-10-18 04:36 AM
    Comment #5968

    the bing search engine seems to be a great competition to google”,`



    2015-11-15 09:20 PM
    Comment #23122


    New product: My Bing History « Amews Software Development


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    2015-12-23 06:29 PM
    Comment #23383

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    New product: My Bing History « Amews Software Development


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