Amews Software Development

Amews Software Development is developing a variety of software applications. This project is a spare-time project, and is run by Anders Jensen (read below). I develop applications that I miss, and try to get as much response as possible. I prioritize the users opinions very high, to make sure everyone is happy. If you run into any trouble using my applications, or have any suggestions for features or new applications, just write in the forum and you will most likely get a reply from me within 24 hours.

About me

Anders Jensen

Anders Jensen

My name is Anders Jensen; I am 29 years old, and I live in Denmark.
I study Computer Science at the University of Aarhus.

I have a lot of interest in technology – software development in particular. I like to try different software and hardware (gadgets), or even make it by myself.
If you have any questions or suggestions for new software, feel free to contact me.


Amews Software Development cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by the software developed by Amews Software Development.

Amews in general

Why the name “Amews”?
The name amews was in the beginning related to the Amews Webdesign project, and is short for: “Anders Mette Easy Web Solutions”, but today it is just considered as a company name. More specificly “Amews Development”.

The history of Amews Development
Amews was founded in August 2005 by Anders Jensen, Mette Lodahl and Anders Høedholt. We wanted to make a difference on the webdesign market. We wanted the a low-price product with the highest quality. That was how we got the idea of starting Amews (Amews Webdesign), creating websites for companies/associations and private.
November 2006, a new project is added to the Amews domain. This was the Fingerfox (SE) project. Anders Jensen had found an extension for Firefox called Fingerfox, which allows you to use Microsoft Fingerprint Reader in Firefox. The extension had room for improvements, which is why the Fingerfox (SE) project was started. A second edition of the Fingerfox plugin. This was the foundation of Amews Software Development.
More projects have been added over time, like Mette Lodahl’s Blog (now closed), and Amews Tech (a tech blog).
In late 2008 and the beginning of 2009, the webdesign project and Amews Tech was closed, and Amews Software Development was created. Anders Jensen wanted to focus more on the development.