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Working Hp Simplepass with Firefox 11

by dj_ziio




01:51 PM
HP and Authentec no longer support the fingerprint readers in there new laptops (mine is less than 3 months old). This means that the password entry functionality doesn\'t work on Firefox versions past Firefox 4 (Firefox 9 with a previous workaround). I though I might help people out with a work around for Firefox 11. I have a HP Pavillion Dv7 but i believe this workaround will work for any HP with Simplepass.

First, install Firefox 11 (i\'ve tried it a little with 12 but had varied results, stick with 11 until the extension is updated)
make sure to disable updating under options so it doesn\'t silent update and break the workaround.
Firefox 11 Download -

Second, Install Simplepass (newest version from authentec website, the original workaround used a version from 2011) Make sure to set up your profile in Simplepass, add a few fingerprints and login info for facebook (just as an example), also make sure to restart firefox, when its finished you should notice a new button on your main toolbar that looks like a finger cursor one of the options on the drop down menu is open simplepass, if you have this then simplepass installed correctly
Simplepass -
then go to simplepass folder and scroll down to find newest version

Last, install Fingerfox, reboot firefox

I\'ve found that full functionality is restored to my Simplepass, it askes to remember passwords for fingerprint recall when i first sign in on sights as well enters them when you use the fingerprint reader. If your having issues try adding the website and password in the Simplepass program then refreshing the webpage, this worked for me on java popup login box sites like soundcloud. I didn\'t test any of the actual features of Fingerfox or change any settings. It seems that Fingerfox allows Simplepass to work without the TrueSuite Website Logon Extension, which isn\'t supported in Firefox past version 9. Hope to see a update soon that will work for 12, leave a message if you need a beta tester.

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