Fingerfox (SE)

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Fingerfox (SE), is an extended edition of Fingerfox (More functionality).


Fingerfox (SE) v2 works with Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and DigitalPersona 2.0
It is called (SE), Second Edition, because it is an extended edition of the original Fingerfox extension.

Fingerfox (SE) was first made, because somebody had problems with the original Fingerfox extension. The problem is now gone, but Fingerfox (SE) will continue, because it has more functionality than the original.

Note about the Fingerfox (SE) version on Mozilla Addon site

The Fingerfox (SE) version on this site is not the same as the one you’ll find on the Mozilla Addons page. This version contains the extra “specialsite” feature – which was rejected by reviewers due to security concerns.
There should be NO risk in using this version of Fingerfox (SE) unless your system is already infected with other malicious software.
Should you still prefer getting the well-functioning version of Fingerfox (SE) that exclude this part of the code, go to Mozilla Addons Site to download version 2.20.1 and up. (Version x.xx.1 excludes the specialsite feature, while it is included in x.xx.2)
Feel free to contact me for further information.

Fingerfox (SE) has been downloaded 38839 times.
You will find the download link on the “Download” page.

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Latest news

Known bug: HTTP Auth login in Firefox 4

March 25th, 2011 by Anders Jensen

Update: This bug has been fixed in Fingerfox (SE) version 2.21.x

As some of you have already noticed, Fingerfox (SE) does not work with HTTP Auth / htaccess login windows in Firefox 4. As a side-effect, it doesn't work with the master password either. I just want to inform you all, that I am aware of this issue, and I will look into it as soon as possible.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.