NOTE: Fingerfox (SE) v2 and newer requires MS .NET Framework 2.0
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Version: 2.23.2
2012-08-19 06:32 PM

Version 2.23.2 [Stable]

2012-08-19 06:32 PM

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  • Bugfix (#105): Wasn't working with
  • Update: Changed Firefox and Thunderbird maxversion to 14.*

Version 2.22.2U6 [Stable]

2012-07-10 10:05 PM

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  • Update: Changed Firefox and Thunderbird maxversion to 13.*

Version 2.22.2U5 [Stable]

2012-04-20 01:21 PM

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  • Update: Changed Firefox and Thunderbird maxversion to 12.*

Version 2.22.2U4 [Stable]

2012-02-01 02:35 PM

  • Update: Changed Firefox and Thunderbird maxversion to 10.*

Version 2.22.2UUU [Stable]

2012-01-15 03:36 PM

  • Update: Changed Firefox and Thunderbird maxversion to 9.*

Version 2.22.2UU [Stable]

2011-11-10 08:13 AM

  • Update: Changed Firefox and Thunderbird maxversion to 8.*

Version 2.22.2U [Stable]

2011-09-24 07:05 PM

  • Update: Changed Firefox and Thunderbird maxversion to 7.*

Version 2.22.2 [Stable]

2011-08-19 02:08 PM

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  • Update: Compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird 6.*

Version 2.21.2U2 [Stable]

2011-08-17 04:53 PM

  • Update: Compatible with Mozilla Firefox 6.*

Version 2.21.2U [Stable]

2011-06-22 01:34 PM

  • Update: Compatible with Mozilla Firefox 5.0

Version 2.21.2 [Stable]

2011-04-03 02:44 PM

  • Bugfix: Fingerfox (SE) did not work with HTTP Auth / Master PW windows in Firefox 4

Version 2.20.2 [Stable]

2011-01-31 08:20 PM

  • Now compatible with Firefox 4.0
  • Now compatible with Thunderbird 3.1
  • Change: Since there is no statusbar by default in Firefox 4.0, Fingerfox (SE) is now automatically added to the toolbar
  • Known bug: Does not work with HTTP Auth / htaccess login windows in Firefox 4

Version 2.15U [Unstable]

2010-01-18 03:36 PM

  • Changed firefox maxversion to firefox 3.6.* (not yet tested)

Version 2.15 [Stable]

2009-08-16 05:42 PM

  • Changed firefox maxversion to firefox 3.5.*
  • No changes since unstable release 2.14

Version 2.14 [Unstable]

2009-04-13 11:21 AM

  • Changed maxversion to firefox 3.5.*
  • This release is only for testing purposes

Version 2.13 [Stable]

2008-06-19 12:52 PM

  • Bugfix: Did not work with greasemonkey extension installed!

Version 2.12 [Stable]

2008-06-16 07:30 PM

  • Bugfix: HTTP Login did not work in Firefox 3.0

Version 2.11 [Stable]

2008-06-12 10:51 PM

  • Update: Compatible with Mozilla Firefox 3.0

Version 2.10 [Stable]

2008-02-24 05:29 PM

  • Feature: Thunderbird compatibility - Now works with the password windows in thunderbird (drag and drop into extension window in thunderbird to install)
  • Feature: Manually configuration of special sites. Those sites that does not work can be configured by yourself, without reporting the site to me.
  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) can now run at windows startup (as a trayicon). - Fingerfox (SE) will be ready for login faster than normal.
  • Feature: Manually configuration of the ports that Fingerfox (SE) uses - Fingerfox will automaticly find 2 free ports on first startup.
  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) can now change the timeout time for the connections. If the Fingerfox application fails to open (error message), try extending the timeout time (or change port configuration)
  • Feature: Temporarily disable automatic popup by pressing and holding down the shift-key, while a site is loading.
  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) now works with sites where password field isn't available before entering a username.
  • Feature: "Real automatic popup". When enabled, Fingerfox (SE) will ALWAYS open on ANY site that contains a loginarea.
  • Feature: Fingerfox icon in the toolbar/statusbar will now flash when Fingerfox is loading - you can see if it is actually trying to open the Fingerfox application.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Optimization: Fingerfox (SE) now supports "radio"-buttons. (Those round, single selection fields)
  • Optimization: Fingerfox (SE) now also recognizes the image-submit-buttons - more compatibility.
  • Optimization: The way the Fingerfox (SE) window gets focus should now be more reliable.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Change: The number of languages supported has been reduced to danish and english, due to slow communication with the translators.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Bugfix: Compatibility issue with the "Control Tab" extension has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: The Fingerfox window disappeared continuously if pressing Alt+X more than once in short time.
  • Bugfix: The timeout was cancelled when a firewall blocked the connection. - Required the user to run Fingerfox twice the first time used.
  • Bugfix: Wrong distance between textboxes and checkboxes in the Fingerfox window.
  • Bugfix: The width of the FFX(SE) window was in some cases incorrect when using special site configurations.
  • Bugfix: Password field title was sometimes gone when using http auth loginwindows.
  • Bugfix: There was an errormessage when using the "Report site" button from the Fingerfox window.
  • Bugfix: A lot of reported sites are now compatible with Fingerfox (SE). - See the "Report site" page for specific information.

Version 2.02 [Stable]

2007-05-05 12:19 AM

  • Feature: Following sites are now compatible with Fingerfox (SE):
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • - Name&invalid=true
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Feature: Dropdowns are identified by Fingerfox (SE)
  • Feature: Checkboxes are now identified by Fingerfox (SE) as standard
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Bugfix: Fingerfox (SE) crashed on some sites
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Optimization: Improved recognizing of forms
  • Optimization: Improved compatibility with specialforms

Version 2.01 [Stable]

2007-04-19 09:53 PM

  • Bugfix: The program failed when using "Change title" function when .NET 2.0 was installed.
  • Bugfix: "Change title" window should not be able to be resized.

Version 2.00 [Stable]

2007-04-15 01:54 PM

  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) is now compatible with DigitalPersona 2.0
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • - Optimization: No longer neccesary to scan twice
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) is now compatible with
  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) is now compatible with
  • Feature: Semi-transparent
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Optimization: New design
  • Optimization: Improved automatic popup function
  • Optimization: Fillingproblems and charactersproblems are gone
  • Optimization: Change title no longer needed (but still available)
  • Optimization: Fingerfox (SE) in the statusbar is replaced by an icon
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Bugfix: Global automatic popup on/off did not work properly if toolbarbutton was not visible.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • New language supported: Deutsch
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • All earlier features are still available

Version 1.20 [Stable]

2007-04-01 11:27 PM

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  • Improved reporting functionality of HTTP Auth login

Version 1.19 [Stable]

2007-03-30 11:52 PM

  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) does now work on

Version 1.18 [Stable]

2007-03-15 04:15 PM

  • Fingerfox (SE) should not be displayed from about:blank and about:config
  • Added "Report site" to rightclickmenu/toolbarmenu

Version 1.17 [Stable]

2007-03-10 06:39 PM

  • Bugfix: Subpages on sites with specialforms did not work in Fingerfox (SE).
  • Bugfix: Autopopup behaved wrong on sites with specialforms.

Version 1.16 [Stable]

2007-03-10 06:39 PM

  • Change: Custom title on specialforms.

Version 1.15 [Stable]

2007-03-10 06:39 PM

  • Bugfix: still did not work entirely.
  • Bugfix: Automatic popup did not work on specialforms.
  • Change: Identify by host/site should not be available on specialforms.

Version 1.14 [Stable]

2007-03-07 06:37 PM

  • Bugfix: Report non-functional site did not work in "HTTP Auth" windows.

Version 1.12 [Stable]

2007-03-06 06:36 PM

  • Feature: Easy reporting of non-functional logonsites.
  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) does now work on
  • Optimization: Close on pressing escape added in "Characters correction".
  • Optimization: Specialforms has improved features of recognizing sites.
  • Change: Specialforms settings is now included in Fingerfox (SE).
  • Change: Activation/deactivation of specialforms removed because of change mentioned above.

Version 1.10 [Stable]

2007-03-04 06:35 PM

  • Feature: As DigitalPersona marks the actual fields, Fingerfox (SE) does now mark the fields on websites and in "HTTP Auth" windows.

Version 1.07 [Stable]

2007-02-09 06:33 PM

  • Bugfix: "Change title" function did not work properly on sites with multiple loginboxes.
  • Change: Buttons and rightclickmenu updated.
  • Note: It might be neccesary to give the logininformations to DigitalPersona again.

Version 1.05 [Stable]

2007-02-09 06:33 PM

  • Optimization: Filesize decreased 40%.
  • Optimization: ID-generator for "HTTP Auth" login windows is updated.
  • Note: It might be necessary to reconfigure some "HTTP Auth" window to open fingerfox automaticly.
  • Optimization: On change of a window title more than once, the old titlechange is overwritten.
  • Optimization: When "Identfy by host/site" is enabled/disabled, the "automatic popup" is configured to the chosen method. (Site/host)

Version 1.03 [Stable]

2007-01-21 06:32 PM

  • Bugfix: Fingerfox (SE) was shown on reload of any tab, if focused tab contained login.
  • Bugfix: Titel was not changed correctly when using "Change title" and "Identify by host/site".
  • Bugfix: "Change title" did not remove https://.

Version 1.01 [Stable]

2007-01-01 06:30 PM

  • Bugfix: After rightclick on toolbarbutton the rightclickmenu was always shown by rightclick anywhere in Firefox.

Version 1.0 [Stable]

2006-12-24 06:30 PM

  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) can now identify earlier unidentifyable loginpages. (Please write in the forum if you know a site, that does not work with Fingerfox (SE).
  • Feature: The feature mentioned above can be activated/deactivated as you want. Useful if you do not want that Fingerfox (SE) should check online files for unidentifyable loginpages.
  • Feature: It is now possible to put Fingerfox (SE) into the toolbar.
  • Feature: It is now possible to hide Fingerfox (SE) in the statusbar. (See the menu on the toolbarbutton).
  • Bugfix/Feature: DigitalPersona could not always fill the fields in Fingerfox (SE). (Use the change title feature).
  • Bugfix: Nonlogin windows was identified incorrectly.
  • Bugfix: "Fingerfox (SE) on the web" always showed the english site.
  • Bugfix: New tab did not get focus when clicking "Fingerfox (SE) on the web".

Version 0.91 [Stable]

2006-11-29 06:28 PM

  • Bugfix: Wrong path to languagefile in the "HTTP Auth" window.

Version 0.9 [Stable]

2006-11-28 06:28 PM

  • Feature: Fingerfox (SE) now works with "HTTP Auth" login windows.

Version 0.83 [Stable]

2006-11-17 06:25 PM

  • Bugfix: Fingerfox (SE) did not work properly on some Firefox themes.
  • Bugfix: Fields on some sites was not correctly identified, so the automaticly popup did not work on all sites.

Version 0.82 [Stable]

2006-11-14 06:25 PM

  • Change: Fingerfox (SE) has changed id, since it had the same id as the original Fingerfox extension.

Version 0.81 [Stable]

2006-11-13 06:24 PM

  • Bugfix: Fingerfox (SE) did not work at all - window was empty.

Version 0.8 [Stable]

2006-11-12 06:23 PM

  • First release of Fingerfox (SE)
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Changes compared to the original Fingerfox extension version 0.7.
  • - Update: Compatible with Mozilla Firefox 2.0.
  • - Update: Fingerfox (SE) updates itself.
  • - Feature: Every single site can be set to automatic popup.
  • - Feature: Now whole sites can be identified. Useful on sites with same loginbox on all subsites.
  • - Change: Replace characters changed - better compatibility.
  • - Bugfix: Rightclick menu did not work.