There are several ways to get support.

  • If you have found a bug (an issue) in an application or on the website, please report it in the bugtracking system.
  • If you have a feature request, please report it in the bugtracking system.
  • If you need help with an application, you can ask in the forum, or join the chat below.
  • For general hardware/software and other tech related questions/comments, feel free to ask in the chatroom.

The chatroom is the easiest way to get directly in contact with the developer (amews_aj).
If you prefer email or phone, please go to contact.


I will usually be in the chatroom between 5pm and 10pm (GMT+1) on weekdays. In the weekend 12am-12pm (GMT+1)
In PST, weekdays 8am-1pm. Weekends 3am-3pm.

You can also join the chat from your prefered IRC client on

Live Stream

Sometimes, especially when the chat activity is high, I will be streaming live. This means you can ask me through the chatroom, and I will reply in the video stream.